Fashom App Presents the Man who LOVES high heels!     Hi. I’m Dee. I’m bisexual. I’m attracted to both men and women. It’s a little hard to define- it’s like being considered straight by gay people and gay to straight people! But honestly, that’s just how I am wired! I can’t help it as... Continue Reading →

They wanted to change the way they look. And then they SAW THIS.

We at FASHOM APP decided to launch our sequel to #BeREAL Campaign- #BETTERASIAM (Download FASHOM to join the movement)

Before we begin to explain what this is all about, here’s a question for you:

Ever thought of changing (or wanting to change) something in the way you look? We often come across statements like, I wish my nose was thinner or my lips were bigger! Honestly, it’s quite natural and human to feel so. We’ve all been there (or maybe still are). And that’s about to change.

As part of the #BetterAsIAm Beauty experiment initiated by FASHOM, we went around asking a bunch of women about the one thing they’d probably like to change in the way they look. And here’s what they had to say:

Girls talking change

Hey there, no judging!

We told them we could make their beauty wishes come true and they honestly won’t like it at all. Of…

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Fashom Star Amelia

  Meet Miss Amelia, one of our most stylish and fashionable ladies on Fashom. We recently sat down with Amelia to talk her personal style, views on fashion and her tried and true tips to shopping your own closet! Click HERE to watch the interview. Where do you currently live in? I currently live Dallas,... Continue Reading →


WELCOME TO FASHOM! Welcome to the official blog of Fashom! We’re so glad you’re here! Fashom is a mobile social platform that celebrates the everyday self expressions and their unedited unique styles. We are consistently building a community by sharing and exploring global fashions from around the world. Fashom is different in the sense that it... Continue Reading →

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