Fashom App Presents the Man who LOVES high heels!





Hi. I’m Dee.

I’m bisexual. I’m attracted to both men and women. It’s a little hard to define- it’s like being considered straight by gay people and gay to straight people! But honestly, that’s just how I am wired! I can’t help it as much as a straight guy can’t help falling for women!

I’m totally an 80’s guy, grew up in an era when it was cool for men to get their ears pierced or dress flamboyantly in pastel colors.

An era when men wearing dresses wasn’t nearly as shocking as it is now!






So here’s to breaking gender-based rules in fashion for all!


Because once you de-genderise clothing, all you see is a person! 😀 I am #BetterAsIAm

Will you be like Dee? Join the #BetterAsIAm movement to express your unique style on the FASHOM app. Download it here

Clothing Credits:Broke Little Rich Girl

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