Fashom Star Amelia



Meet Miss Amelia, one of our most stylish and fashionable ladies on Fashom. We recently sat down with Amelia to talk her personal style, views on fashion and her tried and true tips to shopping your own closet!

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Where do you currently live in?

I currently live Dallas, Texas.

Do you currently have a blog?

I do. I kind of just started it so it’s still a work in progress. It’shttp://www.AmeliaBandthebigDee.com. I decided to give up shopping for a year so it’s kind of an outlet to show my current fashions with the items I have in my closet.

That is a unique approach! Shopping as in the stores, online or both?

Everything. I’m not allowed to buy clothes, accessories, and shoes for the entire year with the exception of if I get gift cards. My big 30thbirthday is this year so I’m allowing myself one dress for my birthday.

What first inspired you to share your style?

My first time really is Instagram. I started participating in Hilary Rushford’s Dean Street Society challenges every month. You just kind of shop your own closet or see where you need to expand. Each day is a unique something. It could be like “polka dots” or “wear a bright color”. I started doing that a year and a half ago and that’s when I really started showcase my fashion and everything.

What are some wardrobe essentials you cannot live without?

I’m work in business, so I have to wear suits two to three days out of the week. For me, I’m a lot of fun. My biggest staple is I like a really great heel whether it’s a pop of color or leopard print or sequins. It’s a way for me to express my style. Another big staple for me is anything leopard. I’m notorious. I probably have twelve pairs of leopard shoes, two leopard jackets, and a great leopard print dress. To me, it’s neutral, but you can dress it up with anything. My next one would be a blazer. It’s great to take an outfit to that next level. Throw it on with a t-shirt and jeans for a date night. Throw it over a dress for a more sophisticated look. Or even with some nice slacks. It puts it all together and makes you look really professional. It’s a versatile piece for me. I would recommend it for myself.

I would love to know a little bit of your personal style. There must be a different style like you would like to share.

For me, it’s very feminine. I probably have a million dresses. I actually have an entire closet dedicated to dresses. I like really feminine silhouettes like a fit and flare and bright pops of color; pink, turquoise. I’m all about color and girly outfits. For me, my style is classic with a touch of girly.

Can you please also tell us what’s happening in your city about styles or what you’re seeing most like what’s everybody’s wearing or if there’s trends going on that you notice?

In Dallas, it’s such a versatile area. It’s kind of a melting pot. There’s not one cohesive style. You can wear whatever. I think the biggest trends I’ve seen are booties. You can dress them up with a dress and tights. You can throw them on with a great pair of skinny jeans. They’re just a good staple to have in your closet and I think for Dallas, the weather is constantly changing, so it’s perfect kind of piece to go from summer to winter. Everyone here wears heels. If you go downtown, you have to be dressed to the nines. That’s kind of fun. There are other areas in Dallas that you go to and it doesn’t really matter what you wear. For me, I love to get dress up; dresses, great pair of heels and great statement jewelry for me is a go to and it’s what I see a lot in the areas that I frequent.

I would love to get your thoughts on affordable tips you can share with everybody that’s a little different from what people are used to using? Anything you noticed or learned about saving money?

Yes! For me, I’m all about the discount. I don’t discount the discount. I’m all about hitting up TJMaxx or Neman Marcus’ Last Call because I think a lot of people have in their minds is the conception is the idea of it as last season or damaged. That’s really not the case a lot of the time. You can score great pieces. I’ve scored a Fendi handbag for $100 at TJMaxx. This is a really big tip I’ve always followed. If there is something that I really want, I will put it in my shopping cart online and just watch it. A lot of times, retailers will see that it’s in there and will remind you or send you a coupon code for it. I just check it periodically and a lot of times I will catch it when it goes on sale and I can easily snag it since it’s already in my shopping cart.


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