Meet our Effortlessly-Elegant FASHOM STAR Veena!

We at FASHOM got around to interviewing one of our most active and not to forget stylish app users Veena and we can’t wait to share it with you! A full time IT professional and a part time fashionista, here’s all about Veena’s sartorial choices and more. Fashom- Who or what inspires your wardrobe choices?... Continue Reading →

Meet Yajvin Nirman

“My sense of style can be described as playfully masculine as I do enjoy experimenting with fun accessories like fancy totes or scarves every now and then. After all, why should girls have all the fun!” Meet Yajvin who shares his style story with the FASHOM team If you’re fat and fashionable, you’re almost committing... Continue Reading →

Meet Liz- Fashom’s New Star

Hi I’m Liz and welcome to my side of the (style) story. I would describe my sense of style as classically feminine though my male body type doesn’t quite help the situation! God bless A-line skirts as they help me accentuate my waist beautifully.I feel high heels make for the perfect distraction from my manly... Continue Reading →

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