Meet Liz- Fashom’s New Star

1Hi I’m Liz and welcome to my side of the (style) story.

I would describe my sense of style as classically feminine though my male body type doesn’t quite help the situation! God bless A-line skirts as they help me accentuate my waist beautifully.I feel high heels make for the perfect distraction from my manly shape and moreover, if you’ve got it, you gotta flaunt it, right?!!



Over the years, I believe my worst critic has been myself!

I spent a LOT of time trying to get my makeup to a point where I was happy with it and I didn’t feel clownish, or with my clothes where it felt like I found styles that suited me. Particularly I spent a long time trying to find a look which felt natural, and not forced, as if I was desperately trying.

It took a long while to get to where I am, but now I feel like I have a bit of a defined style, and I don’t think I look hideous.

My message to all you beautiful folks out there, trying to be the perfect misfits:

“Be the most authentic YOU that you can be! It can be a hard battle, but the rewards are absolutely worth it!”


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