Meet Crystal

“Now I am all about being the girl I always should have been from the start!  No more Mr. Confused, now I’m Ms. Confidence… and (to me) nothing is sexier than confidence!”

Meet the bold & beautiful Crystal who shares her inspiring story with the FASHOM team.

crystal 1crystal 2

The worst criticism I’ve ever received for dressing the way I do has been from people asking me if I am gay, or of course there are some who don’t say anything at all and only stare at me… sometimes the worst criticisms are the silent ones!

When you notice someone staring at you, you start to wonder if maybe they’re thinking horrible things about you… The best way to handle this situation is to remember that you’re not psychic, you have no idea what they’re actually thinking… so sometimes, I have fun with it..and imagine that they’re admiring my outfit!  Since I’m not hearing what they are thinking, and they can’t hear my thoughts… I make them into the most supportive admirer that I’ve ever had.. and imagine all types of complements coming from them! Depending on how long they stare at me! 😀 Then as I get ready to leave, I might send a wink with a smile to say thank you!

crystal 4crystal 5


When I decided to change my way of thinking, and not be as afraid.. I finally gave people the chance to think for themselves, and learned that what they had to say was ten times better than what I thought they would say.

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