Meet Hannah

“If you want to dress up and look beautiful – do it!  I’ve wasted too many years scared to embrace who I am and dress how I want.  I’m so glad I’m not afraid anymore but I wish I had always been brave!”

Meet Hannah McKnight who shares her story with the FASHOM team.

hannah 1

Some transgender girls are way too focused on “passing” and want nothing more than for others to think that they are genetically female.  That doesn’t matter to me; I just love looking and feeling beautiful. 

Sometimes, but not often I will get a comment about how I look like a man in a dress.  It’s easy enough to ignore and it doesn’t get to me. 

I do go back and forth between male and female, depending on what gender I feel as presenting on that day.  As a female, I tend to wear bright colors or colorful patterns.  I love to glam it up and tend to be overly feminine and usually a little over-dressed. 

I am always in heels and a dress!

Well, we are loving her bold style statement. Are you?

You sure are loving this blog post! It has received 3,000 shares! 

FASHOM APP is breaking gender-based stereotypes in fashion.

Will you be a part of it? #BetterAsIAm

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