Meet Heather- Frugal Fashionista

We at FASHOM interviewed Fashom user Heather Leigh. Heather is a firm believer in being a fashionista should not be expensive. Read all about Heather’s style below.

Fashom- Who or what inspires your wardrobe choices?

Heather- I’m inspired by 80s and 90s pop culture. Many musicians and television shows during that time really pushed the boundaries of fashion. I love 80s British post-punk. You can see a nod to retro style in my personal style aesthetic. I’m also enamored with New York and London street style right now. It’s inspired me to start a local street style movement

Fashom- How would you define your everyday style?

Heather- My style changes with my mood. I have to adapt my style to whatever activity is on my work schedule for the day. Most of the time, I’m a little boho. Sometimes,I’m a little punk. Occasionally, I’m fashion forward. I don’t have a specific go-to style. I don’t fit a label, so I don’t label my style either. That’s what makes fashion fun. I can make it what I want it to be.

Fashom- What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Fashom Family?

Heather-I enjoy interacting with like-minded individuals. There are many people who love clothes. It’s another thing altogether to love fashion. The Fashom Family understands fashion. I’m a firm believer that fashion is art, and art should be accessible to the masses. Fashom makes fashion accessible to all people regardless of body type or background. I like that it’s very inclusive. I joined for that reason.

Fashom- What is the item in your closet that you wear the most often?

Heather- Probably leggings. I wish I had a more exciting answer. There’s a versatility and chic-ness to leggings when styled properly. I try to balance style with comfort. I also own a safari jacket that makes regular appearances in my photos.

Our Frugal Fashionista is put to the test by styling a simple white shirt 3 different ways.

Watch the video below

Fashom- What is your favorite trend of this year?

Heather- That’s a tough one. I’m not a fan of the athleisure movement, but I love the idea of sneakers with dresses. I love lace bralettes with muscle tees. I’m love the mixes of patterns I’m seeing on the runway.

Fashom- What do you do for a living?

Heather- I am a communication instructor for a university and advisor to the student radio station. I teach media writing and broadcasting courses.

Fashom- If you could only wear one outfit for an entire month what would it be and why?

Heather- I love my tulle skirt. I’d pair with a light sweater and stilettos. Oh! And I’d work a scarf in there somehow. I’d make it work. I have a scarf addiction, which is strange for someone who lives in a city with no formal cold seasons. I think it’s a classic yet chic look. Every adult should wear a tutu. It’s fun.

Fashom- Did you make a new year’s resolution and what was it?

Heather- I don’t make resolutions per se. I’m trying to learn to balance and declutter my life. I did declutter my closet. I’m still working on the balance part.

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