A Women From The UK Fights Back Body Shammers With a Smile

It seems like on a daily basis we hear about women being body shamed on the internet whether it be a celebrity or an everyday women. We at Fashom want to put a stop body shaming of any kind. Harriet Kinton was in a local shop when she heard 2 store employees make rude comments... Continue Reading →

Dascha Polanco Reaches Out About Body Image

Every person out there has an insecurity about something, At Fashom we want all of our users to feel amazing about themselves. That when they look in the mirror in the morning, or when they go to bed at night that they are 100% confident that they are beautiful and they don’t need a filter... Continue Reading →

It’s all in the photoshop

One of the biggest “trends” in the world is photoshop and retouching. It has completely dropped girls confidence and made people look at supermodels completely different. At Fashom we promote no filter and being able to be #BetterAsIAm. Just recently a Victoria’s Secret anonymous photoshopper came out and said all the secrets that really happen... Continue Reading →

Trainer Kills Bullying with Kindness

Fashom wants to see body confidence and people feeling beautiful in their own skin. But when people tear other people down, it makes confidence hard to build. That is was gorgeous 31 year old, fitness trainer, Liz Krueger felt at a wedding ceremony, and she wants to put an end to it. Krueger wore a... Continue Reading →

Plus Size Meets Swimwear

Finding inner and outer beauty is one of the harder things to do when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. Especially when summer rolls around and you feel the need to wear a bathing suit at your friends summer barbecue, or even if you are going on a beach getaway weekend with your... Continue Reading →


My general sense of style or fashion is really a subset of what people in my life have given me. When I first realized I was a girl and came out to everyone, so many of my girlfriends gave me clothes they'd been meaning to donate! My first romantic girlfriend after coming out also bought... Continue Reading →

Meet Brenna

As a plus sized gal I like to come up with outfits that inspire other women whom are not generally confident in themselves. I love to help  boost other women's confidence. I'd say my personal style is one in a million. As a Trans Woman I have occasionally come across haters but not to often.... Continue Reading →

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