Meet Brenna

bAs a plus sized gal I like to come up with outfits that inspire other women whom are not generally confident in themselves. I love to help  boost other women’s confidence. I’d say my personal style is one in a million.

As a Trans Woman I have occasionally come across haters but not to often. When I do I just laugh at them. They kind of act like it hurt them for me to laugh at them instead of tuck my tail and run away. I WILL NOT give them the pleasure!

When you cannot be yourself, You cannot be successful. Loving, living as, and being confident in your true self opens the door to success. When you do not love yourself and have no confidence it’s the key to failure!

b3b 2

You go, Brenna! Your confident style is so inspiring.

FASHOM APP is breaking gender-based stereotypes in fashion. Will you be a part of it? #BetterAsIAm

To be a part of this movement, comment on this post below with your email address.

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