My general sense of style or fashion is really a subset of what people in my life have given me.S 2

When I first realized I was a girl and came out to everyone, so many of my girlfriends gave me clothes they’d been meaning to donate! My first romantic girlfriend after coming out also bought me a number of high-fashion pieces. When you see me out in the world, chances are I’m dressed up in 90% or more clothing that people bought or gave me because they wanted to support me in being my most authentic self.


S 3

I spent years hating my body, and throwing on baggy guy clothes without a care either way about it, because I figured I was ugly anyway, so what was the point? Since embracing myself and my own beauty, I’ve found a great sense of empowerment and personal expression in fashion.





As a trans woman, I have had people ask me things like “what are you?” on the street. It’s why I launched my Public Figure Facebook Page (, and printed up my “social cards” ( That way, when people approach me in a way that shows they simply don’t understand, I can engage them in a conversation, and help them see the real me, rather than react negatively, and get into an argument or a fight over their idea of me. We have very narrow mainstream ideals when it comes to gender and fashion, and I’d much rather just see people happy, and wearing what they like.

We love Seranine’s confident style, don’t you?

FASHOM APP is breaking gender-based stereotypes in fashion. Will you be a part of it? #BetterAsIAm

To be a part of this movement, comment on this post below with your email address.



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