Plus Size Meets Swimwear

Finding inner and outer beauty is one of the harder things to do when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. Especially when summer rolls around and you feel the need to wear a bathing suit at your friends summer barbecue, or even if you are going on a beach getaway weekend with your girlfriends. Well stop all the hiding and get ready to shine in your own skin.

We at Fashom believe there should be no standards set for a body type and glad to see some big brand names that are addressing this issue.

ashley graham1

Fashion lines line Forever21plus, Torrid, and House of Swim are three of the top plus size swim wear lines with SUPER cute stuff! But what is booming now in the plus size swim wear world is Ashley Graham. The first plus size model to be featured on Sports Illustrated, and let me tell you what, the whole world is falling in love with this girl! Gorgeous inside and out and is playing a super big role in body confidence campaigns across the world. Graham just released her first-ever plus size swimsuit collection with From tankinis to two pieces to one piece sets, Graham is doing it all and step by step making beautiful women feel more comfortable in their own skin and not caring what the world thinks.

So next time you are shopping and refuse to try on a suit, go do it! Find what feels comfortable to you, whether it be something to show off your assets, to hide a little tummy that you don’t like, or to find a suit that just looks incredible on you! And of course make sure to post your amazing find on the FASHOM APP.

P.S. One piece suits with a little see through mesh are the sexiest on the market!

Source: Buzzfeed

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