Trainer Kills Bullying with Kindness

Fashom wants to see body confidence and people feeling beautiful in their own skin. But when people tear other people down, it makes confidence hard to build. That is was gorgeous 31 year old, fitness trainer, Liz Krueger felt at a wedding ceremony, and she wants to put an end to it. Krueger wore a strapless mini dress and people were making fun of her left and right. You should never not be able to have fun at a wedding or anywhere in life because someone is mocking the way you look. She decided to strike back, in a way that most people don’t. With kindness. stated that, Krueger posted a photo of her that night in her dress along with her story, and after it went viral, she decided to start a social campaign about spreading kindness. “People deserve respect, no matter what they are wearing,” Krueger wrote on her Facebook wall. Famous beloved actor, Ashton Kutcher then shared her story with that quote and couldn’t agree more. #KruegerKindness has went viral and her social campaign is all to promote “the importance of treating each other with kindness.” This is such an important message that Fashom wants there users to use everyday.

When posting your favorite fashion pic, feel beautiful and know that there is nobody in life that can tear you down! #BetterAsIAm

Source: APlus

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