It’s all in the photoshop

One of the biggest “trends” in the world is photoshop and retouching. It has completely dropped girls confidence and made people look at supermodels completely different. At Fashom we promote no filter and being able to be #BetterAsIAm. Just recently a Victoria’s Secret anonymous photoshopper came out and said all the secrets that really happen behind the scenes and how degrading photoshop can be to people. The quote “You can manipulate the background, so why not manipulate the body?” started this trend of fixing every little each on a woman’s body.


We see these models on the covers of magazines and on sexy advertisements while walking down the street. Girls across the world look up to Victoria Secret models and their “dream body” but little do they know that what they see on posters and billboards isn’t even close to the body of those women.

This anonymous photoshopper shared with the 5 rules of photoshop and retouching.

1. Retouching existed long before Photoshop. (which in the beginning was just made for good prints).

2. Body “fixing” starts on set, meaning that you have to watch the shoot and plan out what you are going photoshop later.

3.No one’s anything body part looks like that, meaning that if that leg looks so perfect that it’s not real.

4. Why not just hire curvier models? Because curvy models “don’t sell”.

5. In the end all they care about is selling the product. Every person must know that every part of them inside and out is beautiful. Yes, everyone wants to change something about themselves, but what we must not do is compare ourselves to these people we see in the magazines or the girl wearing the bathing suit that we want to buy online.

Fashom believes everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin and believe in the no filter trend.

Source: Refinery29

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