Dascha Polanco Reaches Out About Body Image

Every person out there has an insecurity about something, At Fashom we want all of our users to feel amazing about themselves. That when they look in the mirror in the morning, or when they go to bed at night that they are 100% confident that they are beautiful and they don’t need a filter to change that. Hit Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, has a recent star reach out about her body image and insecurities. That star would be Dascha Polanco.


When you think of body image and insecurities, you don’t ever really think about actors and actresses. We see them so fabulous at events and even when they are suppose to look rough in movies, they still look pretty good! This is why when Polanco reached out about her insecurities, at a press conference, it was really heart warming and encouraging for people around the globe.

Polanco talks about paying for school on her own and raising her daughter by herself, and how she work tirelessly just to make it by. Finding a real star that everyday people can relate to is so important, and that is what she has given us here. Not to give up and to keep going, that there is always something better at the end of the rainbow. In her speech Polanco stated that, “You are your only competition. Forget what you see on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat – you are your own star.” This message could really have an outbreak, and it is vital that people across the nation know that the people we look up to, have certain struggles too.

At Fashom, everyone can be a Fashom Star! Just like Polanco said, and we believe in it too, that you are your own star. And nobody can take that away from you.

Source: Runway Riot

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