Here at Fashom we love celebrating everyone’s beauty, so we love this latest internet trend!  #MermaidThighs is a new hashtag which is celebrating everyone whose upper legs meet. We are sure you can remember past body hashtags such as #ThighGap and #BikiniBridge which both received quite a bit of backlash for encouraging a negative body image... Continue Reading →

Interview & Makeup Tutorial With Fashom User Divine

Fashom user Divine is a housewife & new video blogger. Read what Divine has to say about Fashion, criticism, and makeup. Fashom: What do you do for a living?  Divine: I am a housewife and a mother of two wonderful boys ages 8 & 3. Recently, I started my own YouTube Channel MakeupByDhi because I found... Continue Reading →

Back To School Shopping

Hey Fashom friends! One of our favorite times of the year as fashionista’s is back to school shopping for the kids. Kids fashion is so important and it is super important to let all kids find their own style! Fashom loves kids trends, and about once a week you can find kids fashion featured on... Continue Reading →

College Student Defends Final 5 via Twitter

Many people love hanging out at the beach with their friends on their day off. The members of the Final 5 USA gymnastics team, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, & Madison Kocian are no different. The ladies were feeling confident in their swimwear and decided to share it on social media. We at Fashom agree with the... Continue Reading →

Makeup With A Cause

Makeup is fun and should highlight your features weather you want to show off your lips with red lipstick or have your eyes be the center of attention by using extra mascara. We at Fashom are all about supporting amazing brands on a mission. Cruelty-Free makeup is something we definitely can agree with. Drugstore beauty... Continue Reading →

My Body, My Rules!

Charli Howard is an inspiring model and writer who is trying to break down the walls and boundaries that the modeling industry enforces upon young women. Fashom wants to shut down these crazy standards that the fashion industry set upon women. She had barely eaten in weeks and she was at her lowest weight when she... Continue Reading →

Be A Part Of The Bigger Picture With These Social Aware Brands

This week at Fashom we are highlighting some organic and environmentally friendly brands.  Here are a few of our favorites: Our first company is Everlane.  Everlane is a clothing company that prides themselves on radical transparency.  They spend months trying to find the best factories around the world to manufacture their clothing.  They visit them... Continue Reading →

Books To Help You Stay Body Positive

As most of you know FASHOM aims to support body positivity and self love though out the app and our social channels. To help with staying in a body positive mind set we discovered some awesome books to read during times of feel less body confident. All About Vee follows the story of Vee a... Continue Reading →

Summer Trends To Try Featuring Fashom Users

At Fashom we are all about the hottest trends, and with us being in the heat of summer you want to be comfortable but super cute at the same time. Glamour magazine has came out with the 9 wearable summer pieces you need to get ASAP before summers gone! 1.) Ripped jagged jean shorts are... Continue Reading →

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