Utilikilts-Skirts Made For Men


At Fashom we are always looking for the hottest new trends. Some are hard to find, some haven’t really made a statement yet, and some are so amazing that the whole world should know. That is what we think about Steven Villegas and his skirts that he has made for men, called Utilikilts. Men are “suppose” to wear regular pants or shorts and live up to a certain standard, but why hasn’t men skirts always been a thing? That is exactly what Villegas has dived right into and has built a Utilikilts right in the middle of downtown Seattle, WA.



CNN did and article and short video on Villegas and Utilikilts and it is quite amazing when one person forgets what the world is going to think and goes out for their dream. Utilikilts are all made in the US labor, material, everything! He started with a base design of a a Scottish Kilt and has turn it into a skirt that is machine-washable, comes with pockets and belt loops, and they are super practical for everyday use.

Villegas jokes about what some people comment on the skirt and all he has to say back is “they got my attention right? Isn’t that they important thing.” When he is so right because the word of mouth travels faster than anything!

We hope to see some of our users in a Utilikilt and you can find them at https:// http://www.utilikilts.com with a ton of different options with colors and styles! Don’t be afraid to be different, go out and be free!

Source: CNN’s Facebook Page & Utilikilts

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