Body Shamed Olympic Gymnast Receives Defense on Twitter

Alexa Moreno is a beautiful and talented gymnast who has an incredible body that can accomplish magnificent things, yet some Twitter trolls still found reasons to shame her.  We here at FasGYMNASTICS-OLY-2016-RIOhom believe that everyone should be confident with their body, and so did many people who came to Alexa’s defense!

The 22-year-old gymnast from Mexico competed on vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor exercise during the qualification round of the Olympics on August 7th, finishing 31st all around, a great result for a country with such a small gymnastics program.  She did absolutely amazing things for herself and for her country, and many people voiced their amazement at her athletic abilities and strength when she was facing such hatred.

According to Alexa’s Olympics profile, she is 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 99 pounds; however, after she competed a now deleted tweet read “Alexa Moreno has the body of two gymnasts, a diet before going to Rio would have been good.”  The best thing to come of this was a ton of people immediately rushing to her defense, posting very admiring tweets and messages of support.  These people let Alexa know that she is an inspiration to all Mexicans, and especially since they are so underrepresented in gymnastics.

“Gymnastics is a sport for strong people,” Alexa told CCTV in July. “You need to be dedicated, have a strong will and lots of persistency. I don’t stop until I have reached my goals … You need to believe in yourself and fight to be able to do things no one has ever done before.”



Alexa Moreno is a great role model for everyone, and we at Fashom hope that body shaming  becomes a thing of the past!


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