Summer Trends To Try Featuring Fashom Users

At Fashom we are all about the hottest trends, and with us being in the heat of summer you want to be comfortable but super cute at the same time. Glamour magazine has came out with the 9 wearable summer pieces you need to get ASAP before summers gone!

1.) Ripped jagged jean shorts are the absolute essential for a daily summer outfit. They are loose and fun and you can get them faded, white, or dark denim. To add a little fun, it’s always super cute to see ripped ends. Really looks fab with a white tee!

2.) Spaghetti Strapped Maxi Dress. Any color and wear it anywhere! Looks good with a nice heal or even a cut pair of sneakers! Wear a nice denim jacket or loose flannel if your are wearing it on a chilly night.

3.) Strapless. These tops are phenomenal and look fabulous on any body type. No bust or big cheated, you can find strapless beauties to show of what you got! Peach and red colors can really make your summer glow stand out too!

4.) Little Cute Fun Bags. Nobody wants to lug around a huge bag during the summer. You want a cute fun colorful bag just to store some cash and sunglasses. This can be super cute and a conversation piece.

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5.) Ballerina Shoes! Playing dress up with your feet is so fun and these shoes laced up your ankles can get your summer poppin’! Any color… I love suede in these shoes!

6.) Baggy tops. These are the way to go if you are going to the beach, the club, or just for some evening drinks with coworkers. With skinny jeans, a light color baggy top always looks fab!

7.) Gladiator Sandals…That go up to your knee. Literally makes any pair of shorts look amazing! Try them in a silver color! My personal fav!

Download Fashom & share your favorite summer trends before summer is over! #BetterAsIAm


Source: Glamour

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