Be A Part Of The Bigger Picture With These Social Aware Brands

This week at Fashom we are highlighting some organic and environmentally friendly brands.  Here are a few of our favorites:


Our first company is Everlane.  Everlane is a clothing company that prides themselves on radical transparency.  They spend months trying to find the best factories around the world to manufacture their clothing.  They visit them often in order to build strong relationships with the owners.  They also list their true costs on their clothing so that customers know exactly what their products cost to make, and how much the markup is.  By being an online only shop, they eliminate the brick and mortar expenses and pass the savings onto us as customers!

Krochet Kids is another amazing company.  It was formed by three high school friends who would crochet their own unique snow gear when they were just young men.  After college they decided to try and teach women in developing countries how to crochet in an effort to break the poverty cycle.  They traveled to Uganda and were shocked and moved at how easily these women were picking up the craft.  Today, over 150 people in Uganda and Peru are working, receiving education, and being mentored toward a better and brighter future in creating gifts that give back. 


Alternative Apparel is a certified Green Business.  They operate daily with the environment in mind and work to implement responsible practices in their office environment through lighting, recycling, and green cleaning products.  Alternative Apparel respects and values the rights of workers in all countries and believe in the right to fair workplace conditions.  Over 70% of their products are created using sustainable materials and processes.   


People Tree is a pioneer in ethical and sustainable fashion.  They aim to be 100% fair trade throughout their supply chain.  People Tree purchases Fair Trade products from marginalized producer groups in the developing world, they guarantee the majority of all their purchasing is Fair Trade and is committed to the World Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade standards.  They achieve this through supporting producer partners’ efforts towards economic independence and control over their environment, and using natural resources sustainably throughout their trading to promote environmentally responsible initiatives to create new models to promote sustainability.


Industry of All Nations is creating a more competitive market place, allowing any small, medium, or large high quality producers to have access to a broader stage, inviting them to the playing field and letting people choose, opening up more options for consumers and more opportunities for producers.  They work together to develop clean and more sustainable industries around the world, using all this to create products with the simplest and most desirable aesthetic. They take manufacturing back to the regions where products and materials originate, bringing unique local businesses to an international market.  Industry of All Nations is determined to combine environmental and social awareness while promoting fair trade and open borders for all nations.


We at Fashom love the ethical practices being done today by these brands!  They truly are making a difference in the fashion industry while helping workers and the environment!


Download FASHOM and share your favorite environmentally friendly brands.


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