Back To School Shopping

Hey Fashom friends!

One of our favorite times of the year as fashionista’s is back to school shopping for the kids. Kids fashion is so important and it is super important to let all kids find their own style! Fashom loves kids trends, and about once a week you can find kids fashion featured on one of our instagram pages. We are going to go through some tips on how to make back to school shopping easier and cheaper!

Rule #1: neutral colors are a must! We all know kids don’t like to wear the same things back to back but if you start with neutral colors and build colors with them it will be less you have to buy! Old Navy is the perfect spot to find about neutrals!


Rule #2: JEANS! Jeans are essential but you have to find the right fit. A big part, especially for boys, is thinking about them growing throughout the year. A way to save on that is buy a pair of jeans that is just a little too long for them. Guarantee they will grow into them before the year is over!


Rule #3: Shoes. Now shoes are probably the most expensive thing that you are going to buy on your little shopping spree with the kids but don’t worry, you just have to find the right pair! Black and Gray are the best because they will match with everything. Converse is the best brand for lasting through the year and can look cute with all styles!


Well I hope everyone has an amazing time shopping and don’t forget to look at sales before you go, so you can hit up those stores first!

Fashom would love to see more kid fashionista’s on the app, so if your kid is a fashionista let’s see some posts!

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