Here at Fashom we love celebrating everyone’s beauty, so we love this latest internet trend!  #MermaidThighs is a new hashtag which is celebrating everyone whose upper legs meet. We are sure you can remember past body hashtags such as #ThighGap and #BikiniBridge which both received quite a bit of backlash for encouraging a negative body image and an unattainable goal for those whose thighs do not meet the “standards.”

However, “mermaid thighs” is getting a great response, as it should!  Women and girls are showing off their thighs proudly on social media.  “The hashtag reminding us beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 😁💞 #BodyPositive,” one Twitter user wrote.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.21.18 AM

Instagram user Justine LeGault said “There’s a new hashtag in town and I’m digging it. 🐚#mermaidthighs” & so are we at Fashom!

Download Fashom & show off your mermaid thighs!

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