Biggest Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

The hair and makeup on the Spring 2017 New York runways hit both high and low extremes.  Some models wore no-makeup makeup, no hair, and no nail-nail looks. There were unconventional products put to use backstage, and on the opposite side of the beauty spectrum, we saw riffs on classics like the French manicure and the red... Continue Reading →

Johanna : Quirky & Vibrant Fashion Blogger

Meet Fashom user Johanna. She is a fashionista and has some sassy words for the critics in the world. Fashom : What do you do for a living?   Johanna: I blog 3 to 4 times a week about fashion for the daily women and body confidence. Also, I work a full-time job as an... Continue Reading →

New Trend:Trucker Hats

Hope everyone is doing amazing and posting their everyday styles on Fashom! Remember the more you post the greater chance you get to be featured on our Instagram or Pinterest page. So the newest style these days for mens and women fashion is...wait for it...Trucker hats! Who would have guessed? Not me but it is... Continue Reading →

Fall Hair Trends

As everyone knows we are all about style and putting together amazing outfits but do you know what adds to an amazing outfit? An amazing hairstyle! Yes this is so true...long, short, bald, whatever you have learn to rock it! Refiniery29 gave us some tips on fall’s most in-demand hair color trends. And we love... Continue Reading →

Megan :”Wear WHATEVER the hell you want to! If you feel good in it… ROCK IT!”

Meet Megan, A girl with some cool curves and curls   Fashom: What do you do for a living? Megan: I am a full-time graphic designer, started as an intern at 16 and have been at my job since! I started blogging and modeling about 3 years ago. Fashom: What's your general sense of style... Continue Reading →

Melly:”If it empowers you keep doing it.”

Meet Melly, A student and lover of all things body positive Fashom: What do you do for a living? I’m a full-time graduate student at the University of Louisville in the Women’s and Gender Studies masters program. Melly: What's your general sense of style / fashion like? Do you stick to a particular kind of... Continue Reading →

#FashionDemocracy & Body Confidence

As we all know these past weeks and some weeks to continue have revolved around fashion week in London and New York. Fashion Week has usually always been your typical skinny models that can fit into a size zero. Well, Fall 2016 was a different story. It was the most body-positive New York Fashion Week... Continue Reading →

Heather:”if I can share anything with you, it is to love yourself.”

  Meet Heather, A fashionista with some fabulous curves I am a retail manager for sunglass hut. I have worked retail since I was 16. I have worked in women's shoe stores, sporting good stores, sold jewelry & accessories, and now I'm in the sunglass business. I love working retail, getting to meet, and speak... Continue Reading →

Christian Siriano Has the Most Inclusive Runway of the Season

At Christian Siriano’s spring 2017 presentation, there was a rumbling of applause as Georgia Pratt, a plus-size model, stepped out on the runway.  She was one of five plus-size women to walk in the show, and their inclusion was a first for one of Christian’s runway shows.  Backstage after the show, Christian said that he... Continue Reading →

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