Late Summer Fashion

Hey Fashom friends!

I know it sucks that summer is winding down, which means typically it gets colder and we have to cover up more! But don’t for a second think that you can’t use these last few weeks of summer to give it your fashion all. Transitioning into fall colors and styles can be difficult but who doesn’t love a good scarf and jacket? Anyways, Pinterest has the absolute best fashion trending ideas for your last summer outfits.

Pinterest has a ton of ideas but one of their number one style during the transition is wearing a long sleeve blouse with shorts. So you can still show off your legs but stay covered up and avoid anymore tan lines!

Another great idea Pinterest has is to keep your colors mixed, so wear something bright along with something dark. Like navy and orange, these to colors counteract each other perfectly. Usually the darker color looks better on top and brighter on the bottom, but there are some slight occasions where either or works.


Pinterest lets us know that it is never to early to start bringing out the cardigans. An easy and loose cardigan can easily be taken off if it gets too hot but if you are out later in the day and don’t get to change, you will always have the opportunity to cover right back up.

We here at Fashom would love for you to take some of these style tips and post them on Fashom!

Use the hashtag #LateSummerFashion so we can take a look at these awesome trends! The link below is to get more late summer trends from Pinterest too!


Late Summer Fashion on Pinterest




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