Meet Kimmy

We are happy to introduce you guys to one of the newest members of the Fashom family, Kimmy. Kimmy works as a success coach in high schools & colleges to guide the students in the right direction. She is also a lover of all things floral in the summertime.

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Fashom : What do you do for a living?

Kimmy: I work with college students for a living! I’m a Success Coach. I got my graduate degree in Higher Education and for the past eight years, I’ve been partnering with different colleges and universities across the US to assist with their student retention. I spend most my days talking to 18-year-old college freshman about academics, time management, future careers, how to survive a breakup, how to build lifelong friendships, and how to navigate a very critical time in their lives when they’re growing up and into themselves and embracing their identity. I love what I do. I love having the opportunity to walk alongside emerging adults and helping them build the skills and tools they need to make a positive impact on our world.

Fashom: What’s your general sense of style / fashion like? Do you stick to a particular kind of dressing – either feminine or masculine or do you experiment with both? 

Kimmy: I grew up in Alaska and much of my adolescence was filled with angst over feeling chubby and not having access to clothes that fit me. I remember a lot of ill fitting jeans, stirrup pants and oversized tshirts in my youth! As my style has evolved, it’s become very feminine. My closet is probably 85% floral dresses. I work from home, so I have the flexibility to wear whatever I want on a daily basis, but if I have to choose, in the summer, it’s either a brightly colored fit-and-flare dress with a fun pattern, or a body-con dress that highlights my curves. In the winter, it’s all leggings, tunics and boots.That’s what I feel most confident in; though I have been challenging myself to try different things lately – high waisted jeans, crop tops, shorts, etc. It’s been an adventure.


Fashom: How do you deal with criticism from others?

Kimmy: This has changed drastically for me over the past few years. Before I came to a place where I was really able to celebrate myself and my body, I relied heavily on outside commentary for how I should feel about myself, and much of that was negative. I do a lot of online dating and putting yourself out there in that way just invites commentary of your body and personality. I’ve had men call me fat, I’ve had women passive aggressively criticize my style. Where that used to crush me and determine how I felt on the inside – worthless, insecure, invisible – now, I’m able to approach it from a standpoint of, “That’s too bad that you think that. You’re allowed your opinion, but I will believe my own truth.” I’ve made peace with my body. There are still days where I feel insecure, but the narrative of my worth, my beauty and my ability comes from me only. While criticism still can hurt, instead of following it with more shame, I’ve found it’s more helpful to follow it with positive self-talk, empathy, compassion and…truth. I’m beautiful. I don’t care if you think otherwise, and if you’re attack my body or my style, that says more about you than me.


Fashom: What was the best advice you ever received about being true to yourself?

Kimmy: I hate to be so generic, but honestly, the best advice I’ve ever received and ignored for years was “You have to love yourself first.” I spent most of my 20’s waiting for somebody to tell me that I was beautiful and worthy of love, filling other people’s needs and trying to achieve what I thought was success. It was exhausting, and my relationships and happiness suffered. When I started to approach my life from the standpoint of, “I am Kimmy, and I am worthy, beautiful, and I can express myself through style and body positivity regardless of what anybody else says or thinks” everything changed. When you love yourself first, you’re more self-compassionate, you’re more confident, you have higher standards, your worth and beauty don’t fluctuate based on who you’re interacting with, and I think that’s critical in this society where most things are telling us that we’re not enough

kimmy 4

Fashom: Any message you would like to send out to the world?

Kimmy: I truly believe that through vulnerability, empathy and compassion, we impact the trajectory of our own lives and positively impact others, as well. I love style, I love shopping, I love clothes – but what I really love is the visible spark in someone when they recognize and accept their own worth and potential. Sharing my style and my thoughts on body positivity is the way that I’m choosing to ignite that spark in others. So, be kind – to yourself, and others. Offer genuine compliments – to yourself, and others. See your own worth and point out somebody else’s. Be brave. Wear the bikini. Speak your truth. You are beautiful and you are worthy, just as you are. Spread the word.

Follow Kimmy on her Instagram @KimmyDaresGreatly

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  1. I follow Kimmy on instagram and you can view all of the comments on how much she is an inspiration to many women. It is so awesome that what she displays in her fashion and daily posts proves that she is an incredible person. It makes sense that her career is about empowering others. I wouldnt of suggested anyone else for this blog posting. Keep it up Kimmy, I look forward to seeing more of your amazing style trends on insta!!!


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