Start Your School Year Organized!

We at Fashom cannot wait to see everyone’s back to school style this year!  We also want to help all of you who are starting a new year of school, whether that is grade school or college, to stay organized.  We have prepared several tips that may help you!

The most important thing is motivation.  You must be motivated to get and stay organized.  Already having the motivation to do something makes it that much easier.  Another helpful hint is to keep a planner.  You can find planners at most of your everyday shopping stores, or you could even download a free planner app on your phone.  Regardless of what type of planner you use, it is the perfect way to keep track of your busy schedule!

In your planner you can also keep to-do lists, which will let you stay on track.  These can have nothing to do with schoolwork as well, such as chores or spending time with your friends.  A great idea is to keep your backpack stocked with everything you need: pens, pencils, paper and notebooks.  This is a major time saver in the morning when you do not have to spend the time loading your backpack up for the day because yours is already ready to go!


A huge time saver tip for all of our fashionistas out there is to plan your outfit the night before so that you are not trying to figure this out right before school, as many of us can take quite a while deciding what to wear!  The final tip is one of the most important, do not forget to take care of yourself!  Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and that you are not stressing the small stuff. 

Get ready to have a great year and don’t forget to post your everyday style on Fashom!

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