Alica Keys makes a bold statement #NoMakeup

Hope everyone is enjoying getting back into the swing of things now that summer is coming to an end. As you all know one of Fashom’s biggest things is natural beauty and being yourself #NoFilter. Well that is what’s popping in the news lately, superstar Alicia Keys, has started a no makeup campaign. Alicia Keys is now one of the judges on the Voice and showed up on The Today Show showing the world her natural face.

While on The Today Show Keys started her movement by wiping host, Tamron Hall’s, makeup completely off with facial wipes, showing the world her natural look while on national television. After wiping her face Keys compliments Hall’s look by saying, “You’re so beautiful, look at you!”


Keys got some bad press from showing her nude face at this years VMA’s, experiencing backlash but her hubby Swizz Beats stuck up for her on social media, letting the world know how beautiful and inspiring natural beauty can be. Keys states that she definitely doesn’t hate makeup but she believes the world is so obsessed with making themselves look different in a way and she just doesn’t want to be a part of that.






Fashom encourages all of you to post your natural look and show your true self. You can be just like Keys and move with the movement of no makeup. Post your fab pictures and hashtag #NoFilter

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