Business Wear Starring Fashom Users

Women today are working harder than ever to make their dreams come true, whether that is working with a specific company or starting their own business.  According to the last report by the National Women’s Business Council, women launch over 1,100 new businesses in the U.S. every day and generate over $1.4 trillion in revenue annually.  This just goes to prove how great and powerful women in business are right now and we at Fashom could not be any happier!

As entrepreneurs, women are redefining the whole ideal of getting dressed for work. It’s less about playing by the rules and more about promoting your individual, unique brand.  Your physical appearance is the first thing that a potential employer or customer takes note of, so you want to make sure you stand out!  Many employers have stated that because you visually represent your business, what you wear could be as important as your LinkedIn profile. 

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 These Fashom users look absolutely amazing in their business wear!  The most important thing, while still remaining professional, is to be confident.  Your positive attitude and confidence will shine through if you are comfortable with what you are wearing.  You can tell that these women put their own personal touch on each outfit to show off their personal style and creativity.

At Fashom we always support working, confident, and stylish women, show us some of your business wear on our app today!

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