Models Spill the Beans on Their Insecurities

As you all know insecurities are girls worst night mare and can make a person stay in at night instead of going out with friends. Things like “I’m too fat”, “My nose is pointy”, and “My butt doesn’t look big enough” can ruin a girls day.

That’s why at Fashom we are all about self love and being confident in everything you wear or do. No way you would ever think the models on stage felt the same way. Wrong. They have image insecurities just like us.

In an ad campaign for D.EFECT clothing, 12 models open up about the parts of them they wish they could change, even though when we look on we see perfection. The ad starts out by saying everything we see will broadcast beauty. You will never see imperfection on camera or on the stage, but most of it will be a better version of that person. Meaning that everyone uses photoshop and editing to make these girls look absolutely perfect.

This standard has been set to make us all watching feel super insecure and miserable. Then during this ad all the models come up and start talking about everything they are insecure about. One starts out with her uneven shoulders, one is upset about her wrinkles, and one is so self conscious about her large nose. This are all things that we as onlookers have to realize that all of these “flaws” are enhanced or photoshopped to make that attribute about them perfect.




Take a look at the video and really soak in that no body is perfect. That we all have imperfections but to embrace them and look at them in a different light. Fashom encourages you to use #NoFilter and show us the real, amazing, beautiful you when posting! Can’t wait to see.

Source: Cosmopolitian

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