Whats Your Sign Telling You

As we dive into the windy days of fall, everyone is always looking to buy one more piece to add to their fall collection! The Zoe Report has came up with an awesome way to find out what your specific zodiac sign should buy this September. This way each and every sign has a way of matching their attitude and style.

Aries – all about the Super High Boots! Aries are confident people and in super tall boots it makes you stand out even more and above the crowd.

Gemini – the one-shoulder top! You definitely always want to catch everybody’s eye and with showing a little skin in a sophisticated way can get you super noticed!

Taurus – a cute pair of backless loafers! These can be perfect for any occasion, and really is shoe for a taurus! It shows how you seek for comfort and stability!

Cancer – now cancers can be tricky, so we are giving them a whole department! ANYTHING SATIN! Satin jackets, dresses, and shorts are all good finds for you guys!

Leo – super sexy, a silk robe coat! Leo’s are all about being playful and super creative and what says those two things better than a sexy robe!

Virgo – Feminine. That is what you are virgo. So for fall we are linking you up with lace. It matches your personality perfectly (and personally my fav find this fall)

Libra – miss romantic over here, we are hooking you up with velvet for the fall. Velvet shoes and shorts are my absolute fav!

Scorpio – You guys are the world favorite sign for being extremely powerful! That’s why you need a loud bomber jacket! Find with flowers and designs to add some extra power!

Sagittarius – Pointed toe shoes! To show off your intelligent side! Match them with a pair of slacks for the office or a cute flowy dress for night life.

Capricorn – Luxe loafer. No other shoe says a practical and successful businesswoman other than a cute colorful loafer.

Aquarius – Visionary? That’s what you guys are and a fuzzy purse bag is the best way to show off your vision. You stick out more than anyone else!

Pisces – to match your sensitive side, we’ve matched you up with floral for this fall! So go get your floral on and don’t be scared for super bright colors either!

Alright Fashom users, go get your individual piece and hashtag it on your next Fashom post! Everyone can shine, and this is one extra piece to make you all feel extremely confident this fall!


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