#FashionDemocracy & Body Confidence

As we all know these past weeks and some weeks to continue have revolved around fashion week in London and New York. Fashion Week has usually always been your typical skinny models that can fit into a size zero. Well, Fall 2016 was a different story. It was the most body-positive New York Fashion Week yet, and we all know it can only continue to go up from here.

Plus size fashion is booming, and not just the kind that covers up. Real lingerie and exposing clothes to show each individual models body. And boy let me tell you, these girls walked with straight confidence. Plus size models like Ashley Graham have started a hashtag, #FashionDemocracy, to show the world that these models can show off what they have underneath!


Ashley Nell Tipton was another one who had a big kickoff weekend. She collaborated with JCPenny on her first collection and the product flew off the shelves right after the first fashion show. Which is amazing, plus size fashion if really getting its name out there and everyone should feel more than confident to strut their stuff.


So let’s see it Fashom world! Show off your style and your confidence. If you are plus size flaunt it and hashtag #Confidence on your next Fashom post! See you soon on the app!

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