Heather:”if I can share anything with you, it is to love yourself.”


Meet Heather, A fashionista with some fabulous curves

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-27-31-amI am a retail manager for sunglass hut. I have worked retail since I was 16. I have worked in women’s shoe stores, sporting good stores, sold jewelry & accessories, and now I’m in the sunglass business. I love working retail, getting to meet, and speak with new people every day, and follow trending fashion.

if I could describe my fashion sense in any way it would be unique. I’m a very casual laid back kind of person, and my style reflects that. I love maxi dresses, and skirts, and I basically live in leggings and crop tops. As far as gender conformity goes there are some days I will rock leggings, a t-shirt, and snap back, other days I can be in heels, and a dress it’s all about the mood of the day.




it’s hard to put yourself out there. Not only as a plus sized woman but as a person in general. You will always receive positive, and negative feedback in all that you do, you will have people supporting your journey, and celebrating your wins, and you will have people that judge you. Bottom line you can’t make everyone happy, nor should you have to. Don’t live to be a people pleaser, do what satisfies your soul. unfortunately, I never had anyone that promoted self-love, and body positivity. I lived in a world of self-hate, people that thought I wasn’t healthy unless I looked like everyone else. I had to fight, my parents, people at school, judgement from every aspect in my life. It took me taking initiative, to learn to love myself, love my curves, embrace my larger size, and find others that accepted me and encourage me as well.


If I can share anything with you, it is to love yourself, not for everyone else, not because I’m telling you to but because of you honestly truly inside your bones and soul love every inch of yourself. Go out on a limb and be different, be an individual, be you! Embrace your weirdness, your flaws, when you love yourself you can teach people to embrace themselves, and inspire others.
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