Fall Hair Trends

As everyone knows we are all about style and putting together amazing outfits but do you know what adds to an amazing outfit? An amazing hairstyle! Yes this is so true…long, short, bald, whatever you have learn to rock it! Refiniery29 gave us some tips on fall’s most in-demand hair color trends. And we love them!

Copper – a coppery red base with an explosion of bright orange…this can add so much color and life to your everyday style. The keys is for dark red roots and to go lighter throughout.

Strawberry blonde – now as we all know, they say blondes have more fun! Well if you’ve always wanted to try and you were too scarred or didn’t want to go platinum this is the perfect way to test that theory! It’s kind of a throw back to the ninety’s but works fabulously with today’s fashion. Try it with darker brows for a big pop to your face


Bright Bronze – now this is a rich brown color that fades out to a small highlight at the end! So you aren’t getting the full ombre affect but you are getting tons of color and a little spark to add some flirt to your hair!

Golden highlights – for any brunette and black hair people this is the perfect way to add a little spunk to your hair do!

Hairless – scarves are a must and can go with any outfit…plus bandanas are making a come back too!

Well ladies and gents we would love to see these amazing hair styles on your next Fashom post! Don’t be scarred to get a little courageous and do something you’ve never that you would!

Source: Refinery29

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