New Trend:Trucker Hats


Hope everyone is doing amazing and posting their everyday styles on Fashom! Remember the more you post the greater chance you get to be featured on our Instagram or Pinterest page. So the newest style these days for mens and women fashion is…wait for it…Trucker hats! Who would have guessed? Not me but it is popping in the fashion world right now.

Donald Glover, the Atlanta series star, has been spotted multiple times wearing colorful trucker hats around New York and Hollywood. He also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon wearing one as well! Such a hipster style and can be paired with loose jeans and white or black tee.

Places you can find trucker hats:

Back Country



Fashom would love to see a selfie of you in your new trucker hat or a full body picture seeing how you styled an outfit with it! Use the hashtag #TruckerHat so we all can see! If you have longer hair try it with a braid or beauty waves for an awesome look!

Source: GQ

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