Ninaah : “I have always been different. And now I chose to be myself and to not be sorry about it.”

Meet Ninaah, Influencing the world though body positivity.

160904_ninah_019What I do for a living, it’s an interesting question. I was a librarian, but I stopped in December to prepare my wedding, who was just amazing, and now, I’m launching mu own Etsy shop ( Ninaah’s Wonders:  , where I will sell my creations. It will have jewelry, accessory and soon, my handmade clothes. I am also an Influencer, and I would like to live off my blog and my art and creation, so it’s my big project for the 2 future years.

I love different styles, retro, casual, cocooning, cute, rock…  I think my style is more alternative.My dressing is completely feminine. I love cute dresses, patterns, cute printed t-shirts, ripped jeans, skater skirts, and miniskirts. I love Scottish print and stripes too.  


Criticism from other is not a big deal to me. Actually, I have been criticized all my life, because of my way of live, my body, or my style. I have always been different. And now I chose to be myself and to not be sorry about it. I’m still learning to love my self. It’s really important to love yourself, because, whatever others peoples said, you know your value.

One day, someone tells me: who are living your life, is that you or it the others? Your life is yours, only you know what happen in or not, and only you can make the chose. So don’t give others too much importance. Be yourself, take the power. And don’t forget to love yourself and the world. These words help me a lot. Because we don’t need the approval of the world to start living, we only need our own approval toward ourselves. It makes me want to become a body and mind positive activist.


My message is quite simple. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to love yourself and to express yourself. Because in the world every standard is wrong, they are not one kind of perfect. We are all different and we are all perfect. The perfection of the world is the difference, not of a high standard, reserved to the elite. You can be small or tall, slim or fat, have a big or a small booty or breast. You are amazing; you are gorgeous because you are unique. And don’t forget one thing, one smile, with confidence can save the world!

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Photo credits :Alain Sivisay

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