Sophie :”Every achievement is a success no matter how small that may be.”

Meet Sophie, A blogger on a budget

My sense of style changes all the time! I love an edgy look but it’s always feminine, if I’m not wearing dresses or skirts I’ll be wearing black skinnies with a cute laced bralet or camo.  I’m a typical girly girl at heart.


I think social media shows us both realistic and unrealistic images of people’s weight, size, and style – sometimes people feel like they can’t express themselves to their truest because it’s may not be socially accepted. Personally, I’ve learnt that a size 0 is nowhere near healthy for me or most other people and that if I see a girl online sporting a beautiful outfit that simply wouldn’t work with my figure then that’s ok. I don’t need to change myself to fit an ‘image’. Everybody is different and it’s about creating a style that works for you and not what’s portrayed on social media.

When I first started writing No such Budget I was unemployed and generally not in a great place, I found it hard not having all the resources to create an amazing blog but I think that’s what made me work even harder. It’s working with what you’ve got and accepting that sometimes things can be a challenge. My mum told me that you appreciate things so much more when you’ve had to work hard to get them – and as always she was right.


This is soo hard because there are so many good budget friendly items! But it has got to be the moisturiser.  The one I use at the moment is Olay’s 2 in 1 hydrate and glow that’s just £4! It’s such a bargain, lets me feel free in not wearing makeup and keeps my skin fresh and healthy – plus my boyfriends loves it.

I try and take on board any kind of criticism – for me, bad criticism doesn’t always have to  be ‘bad’ it can give you an insight into others perspective on things and help you be or do better. On the other hand, people will always have something to say so sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I really enjoyed using Fashom! I have connected with people all over the globe and Fashom has shown me how others live their life and express themselves through their looks which are really refreshing. The app is easy to navigate through and I love that you can choose which categories to follow, allowing you to have complete control of what you see on your newsfeed!

Every achievement is a success no matter how small that may be – work hard, stay positive and love who you are and what you’re doing.
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Check out her Instagram at @sophiwild

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