Have you tried the Bralette trend?

One of the biggest trends in fashion right now is something you can’t even see. Yes, every girl is obsessed with the 7 for $27 undies at Victoria’s Secret and any cute pair of socks. But bra’s, bra’s are any girls worst nightmare at times. Your breasts are always too small, too big, lopsided, or uneven.

Well one thing on this, who cares! Love your boobs for how they are, I’m sure they fit you perfectly. The newest trend seems to be bra less or with the AMAZING invention of bralette’s. They let your breathe and have the ability to move without having a sports bra on.

The Mesh Trim – probably the most comfortable, with small detail but adds a super sexy touch to any outfit
find it at WearLively


The Barely-There – now this one is made for girls with small breast and can add a little vintage to your look. Definitely going for the “less is a more” attitude.
find it at: Troisthelabel

The Full-Coverage – SUPER SEXY! SUPER CUTE! This bralette is becoming a fashion icon. Find it in lace or a color pop to add to any hipster look!
find it at Free People


So Fashom users, lets see your beautiful bralette’s on the app and we would love to see you tag what store you got it from! Remember everyone can always use a little fashion inspo so always let us know where you are getting things!

Source: Refinery29

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