A Classic Staple: Little Black Dress

What’s your favorite going out dress Fashom users?

Rompers, jumpsuits, and booty shorts are what the world seems to be coming to, which isn’t a bad thing. But the one thing you can go to is your little black dress. It goes with anything and you only need one. You can dress it up and you can always dress it down.


If you all didn’t know the little black dress has a ton of history. It all started after World War 1 when black was to be worn to be in mourning. Then American icon Coco Chanel launched her first women’s line of clothing, including the little black dress.

The revolutionary little black dress can have anything on it! Lace, zippers, and leather straps can be a big part of your dress these days and can add a little zing to your frame.

You always want something to make your silhouette look amazing. Check out shops like Maurices, Forever21, and Macy’s! They all have amazing buy’s and you can find things on a mega sale!


So let’s see it Fashom users! Everyone, this coming weekend post your going out little black dress outfits and hashtag #LittleBlackDress!


Have an amazing weekend,



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