Perelandra:”Fashion is such a clever way to share your life vision.”

Meet Perelandra, Writer & Co-Founder of Nicky Rockets


Fashom: What do you do for a living?  

Perelandra: I am a writer, blogger and co-founder of the clothing label Nicky Rockets

Fashom: What’s your general sense of style / fashion like? Do you stick to a particular kind of dressing – either feminine or masculine or do you experiment with both?

Perelandra: My style is fairly eclectic but is always fun and very British. I am usually quite a feminine dresser but do occasionally dip my toe into the more tailored waters.


Fashom: How much do you think the social norms and mainstream media have constrained people from expressing themselves through their looks.

Perelandra: I think social norms and expectations stop a lot of people from expressing themselves which is such a shame. Fashion is such a clever way to share your life vision.

Fashom: How did you overcome such constraints. What can people do to overcome these constraints?

Perelandra: I decided a few years ago to stop caring what other people thought, to stop waiting until I was the “perfect” size and shape and just start to enjoy fashion. At first, it felt bold and I often faked a confidence I didn’t really feel but nowadays I feel very comfortable expressing myself with fashion.


Fashom: What inspired you to create your blog Pamper And Curves?

Perelandra: I love to write, so it was really just a creative outlet, like an online journal. I was quite surprised when people started reading it (I still am).

Fashom: How do you deal with criticism from others?

Perelandra: In general I just block and move on. Life is too short to try and negotiate with ignorant stupid people.

Fashom: What was the best advice you ever received about being true to yourself?

Perelandra: I don’t have anyone quote but my mum was a fashion designer when I was growing up and taught me that creativity and truth are everything.

Fashom: The goal of Fashom is to encourage people to be themselves and break all cultural stereotypes. Having used the app, what is your opinion about Fashom?

Perelandra: I love the app. It’s full of quirky in inspiration and very user-friendly.

Fashom: Any message you would like to send out to the world? 

Perelandra: Be Good (and yes I stole that from ET)


Follow Perelandra on FASHOM at Pamper And Curves


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