Go Pink

Hey Fashom world. Hope everyone is doing fabulous!

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness month and today you are gonna learn about all the little ways to show your support by your wardrobe. Now pink is the color but there is so many shades of pink. You need to know when to go bright or light.

Nails – This is the perfect way all month to show your support with just one or two applications. You can go to your local Walgreens or Rite-aid and get a light shade of pink, apply to your finger and toe nails and the world will know that you are supporting!


Headbands – Now this one should be super bright! Make it stand out. So anytime you hit the gym this month throw on this cute little thang and wear it with pride. You can find these cute headbands and Lulu Lemon or at Target.


Jersey – Now it is football season as long as breast cancer awareness month, go out and get yourself a jersey that supports your team and supports breast cancer. You can get ones that accent in pink or you can get a whole bright pink jersey. Find them on NFL.com or you local sports shop.


Socks – this is the perfect little way to support, even if people can’t see! Whatever you can to show some support is awesome!


Well Fashom friends, I want to see all of you on the app this month posting away and use the hashtag #Fashom4ACure. Can’t wait to see these awesome and amazing looks!

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