DIY costume ideas to try this halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and with all the Halloween parties coming up you’ll be needed a costume. Let’s be honest, though, Halloween costumes are expensive! Here at Fashom we have been inspired by all of the creative styles of our Fashom users  (or as we like to call them “fashomistas”!) and created a DIY costume guide!   


Stanley Kubrick Favorite


Our first costume is based on Alex from A Clockwork Orange. This is a simple costume to recreate and you probably have some of the clothing items in your closet already! This costume starts with a button-down long sleeve shirt. For men, you’ll be needing some white pants. If you don’t own a pair of white pants or know where to get some, get an old pair of jeans that you wouldn’t mind dedicating to this costume and bleach it white! For women, you can create your own spin on this character by wearing a white skirt. Suspenders are a big part of this outfit so check out these white Dockers suspenders from Sears.        

To really bring this outfit together, you’ll be needing a bowler hat. Here is a budget friendly one available from Walmart. To complete this outfit, apply false lashes to the top and bottom lashline of your right eye.  

Your Favorite Mouse


This DIY costume is based on none other than Minnie Mouse! This is an easy costume to recreate. All you will need is a polka dot red dress like this one from Walmart. If you already have a red dress in your closet you can cut out some white circles from any material you like i.e. paper, felt, etc. and tape or glue them to your dress. Pair this dress with a pair of your favorite closed toed heels in white or yellow (if you can find them) and those Minnie ears you picked up at a Disney park!  


“Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!”


“It’s showtime!” This classic Tim Burton character is a great costume for men and women and will be a hit at your Halloween party! For this outfit, you’ll need a black and white striped blazer like this one from Yonis. You’ll also be needing black and white striped pants. For guys, get a pair of cheap black jeans and white fabric paint to add stripes to the pants. For women, try black and white striped leggings like these from Hot Topic. You’ll need to do some ghoulish face makeup and some white or gray hair spray from your Halloween store to bring this crazy ghost to life!   


copy cat


Take a look at this literal copy cat! The cat aspect of this costume is easily reproduced with cat makeup, a black outfit, and some cute cat ears. The creative twist comes with the inclusion of the copy command function worn around the neck!


We at Fashom are all about expressing yourself through your fashion choices. We would love to see everyone’s own take on these DIY costumes!


Share your DIY costumes on Fashom with the hashtag #FashomHalloween

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