Fashionable Holloween Costume Ideas

Right around the corner is everyone’s favorite but most dreaded holiday. Halloween. Where everyone has to dress up and look fabulous, but it is always such a pain. Well, we are  here to take away the pain and give you this year’s most fashionable costumes.

skeleton – it is super easy and is a one-piece suit. You can dress it up or dress it down. All in all, you can still be yourself. Your hair, your make up. Still you underneath.


Pulp fiction – if you have a hot date this Halloween and are trying to match, Pulp Fictions Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega. And I bet you, you can find some of those pieces in your own wardrobe so you can save some money.


Any Disney Princess – this is a classic and it will never go away. Every girl can look super cute as Belle or Cinderella!


Sandy from Grease – this is a classic move that can never go old! Super sexy, you can cover up or you can even show some more skin.


Jessica Rabbit – Go get your red wig and your best glam dress and you will be the hottest one at the party!


Just remember to always be confident in everything you wear, even if it’s out on Halloween weekend. You are beautiful no matter what you wear! 

We at Fashom want you to know you are beautiful no matter what you wear! 

Share your Halloween costume on Fashom with the hashtag #FashomHalloween

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