Pick the Perfect Halloween Makeup!

Halloween is a great time to try some really amazing makeup. With the different types of Halloween makeup, it can be tricky to decide which ones to try. We’ve created a makeup tips and tricks guide to make your Halloween makeup creations easier! 

Grease Makeup


Grease makeup is the go-to makeup choice for professional clowns and the like. This medium provides true opaque coverage and can be applied with a sponge or your fingers. What some don’t like about grease makeup is how heavy it feels on your face or wherever applied. If you choose grease makeup, be sure to set it with powder to keep it looking fresh all night.


Cream-based Makeup


Cream-based makeup is similar to grease but has a thinner texture. This can be applied with either a sponge or your fingers, but due to the thin consistency we recommend using a sponge. This medium is lighter on the skin and is more comfortable that grease. Cracking can occur with longer wear. Again, be sure to set your makeup with powder to extend the wear.

Latex Prosthetics 

I’m sure you’ve seen these at every Halloween store and if you’ve never tried them you should! Latex prosthetics are realistic and have a soft skin-like texture. To apply latex prosthetics you’ll need Spirit Gum adhesive and Spirit Gum Remover. Latex prosthetics can add scary elements to your costume or a touch of whimsy depending on the kind you pick out.

Make sure before you apply the makeup of your choice that you have a cleanser, adhesive remover, cold cream, and plenty of cotton pads for easy removal!

Reminder Halloween is the only time it is okay to be something else! The other days of the years being your true self is the best!

Share your Halloween makeup on Fashom with the hashtag #FashomHalloween

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