A body positive organization is urging women to bare their #BellyJelly and embrace the power of their bodies.  No matter what size you are, everyone is used to hiding certain parts of their bodies.  Why? Because everyone has insecurities about their bodies. As a result of this, the Movement Foundation - a body-positive organization which... Continue Reading →

Real post baby bodies

Kim Kardashian is back at her gorgeous curvy self, post-birth of her second child. She is flawless; she has no cellulite, no visible stretch marks, her body looks banging in those body suits she wears. All mothers can get there too, right? The answer is yes of course! Here is the recipe! 6 nannies $$$$... Continue Reading →

Fashion Statement vs. Cultural Symbol

Lately, there has been a rise in popularity of feather accessories and tribal prints, especially during the Summer as the fashion go-to for summer festivals. One Native American model, Daunnette Reyome, has not taken lightly to this trend. The 13-year-old model wants others to think twice about wearing Native American accessories because of the cultural... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Fashion Guide

Thanksgiving is a really exciting time to spend with your family and you may even get to try some different foods. By now you’ve got your plans set for the get-together, but the big question is what are you going to wear?! Here at Fashom, we are taking inspiration from our Fashom users to create... Continue Reading →

Our 3 Favorite Native American Fashion Designers

Inspired by our post about Daunnette Reyome, we have sourced our favorite Native American fashion designer sites! Virgil Ortiz This site features leather fashion goods as well as clay art pieces. You can shop for leather bracelets and slap bands and also a girl’s favorite fashion accessory - purses! Photo: Virgil Ortiz Edzerza Gallery Edzerza... Continue Reading →

Love Your Curves!

Fashion is slowly taking progressive steps to make itself more inclusive with a variety of companies acknowledging we all are unique. Lane Bryant has started a new campaign called #ThisBody that features curvy stars like Gabourey Sidibe, Danielle Brooks, and Ashley Graham among others. The campaign features real quotes from social media that promote body... Continue Reading →

Embrace Your True Self

This week Fashom would like to bring your attention to an amazing documentary called Embrace. The films follows Taryn Brumfitt - a mother, wife, and founder of the Body Image Movement - as she travels around the world to talk to experts and celebrity personas about body image issues. In this film Taryn literally bares... Continue Reading →

Billboard Contest!

Hey there Fashom users! We are very excited to announce our new contest where you will be the star! We are looking for 10 lucky Fashom users to be featured on our billboard in New York City! This is our second billboard campaign where we feature our amazing Fashom users. Our first billboard campaign was... Continue Reading →

Cultivating gratitude for yourself

Hey, Fashom peeps! As we all are aware, we live in demanding a world that is always focusing on our weight, body shape, and the way we look every single day. At Fashom we try to abolish these traits and comments and want to solely focus on the inner and outer beauty that you portray... Continue Reading →

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