American Fashion: Election 2016

Hey, Fashom friends!

As the year is grinding down we all know the Presidential Election is coming faster than anyone probably imagined it would. As a reminder, go out and vote and have your piece on who will lead this country over the next 4-8 years. But with that, let’s do it with some fashion sense.

Everyone loves dressing up for the Fourth of July, so let’s dress up for the Presidential Election. I’m going to go over some super cute ideas to show your patriotism.

American bandana – this is something you can tie onto your bag or wrap around a little fedora hat. This is a super simple way to show your support for America.


Shoe laces – you can buy red or blue shoe laces and swap out your old laces out for the just week. It will add some color to your wardrobe and you might find some cute ways to spice up your outfits.


Earrings – little American Flag earrings are SO SO CUTE and will never downgrade an outfit, always brings it up!


So let’s see it on the app Fashom world! Be sure to hashtag #2016Election and show us your stars and stripes!

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