Abby:”Your personality is what shines through. Rather than have goals to get a so-called beautiful body, aim to have a beautiful soul.”

Meet Abby: Encouraging women to love their curvy bodies


Well, I do a few things! When I graduated from High School I went on to train in Musical Theatre. I attended college in Scotland for 2 years then moved to England to attend Drama School for 3 years. Musical Theatre was everything to me but after graduating in 2014 I found it hard to find my place in the industry and realised that the lifestyle of working in that world wasn’t me! Since then I’ve been working hard to build my portfolio working as a Curve Model. Through modelling, I am able to spread the message of self-love and body confidence, which is very important to me. I recently organised my first event called ‘Self-Love & Style’ in London a couple of weeks ago and it was a huge success. I am also a presenter on the King Says Country Show here in the UK. We discuss the country news stories and play the latest country music. (Watch online at

I definitely mix it up! One day I could be wearing a pin-up inspired dress with heels and the next I’m in ripped skinny jeans and a denim waistcoat! It depends on what I’m doing, where I’m going, what mood I’m in! I was in London for a few days recently and I was staying in the Shoreditch area. I found myself dressing edgy and rocking double denim because that is the vibe in that area!


Currently, I am really getting into the 1950/60s era with the pin-up girl look. I love the store Collectif Clothing here in the UK. I have an hourglass figure and love to show my curves so those type of dresses really suit me.

Having trained at Drama School I am used to being judged and criticised a daily basis! I appreciate constructive-criticism. Especially from someone that I respect.  Receiving criticism online is a different story though…putting yourself on social media and having your page public does make you vulnerable to haters commenting. I’m quite lucky so far…I haven’t had many haters! But if there are any mean, inappropriate comments they will be deleted and the person will be blocked. I am very confidant with who I am as a person. I love myself. And no one can say anything that will affect how I see myself.


Well, I guess it would be from my parents. I’m very lucky to have amazing, supportive parents. When I was younger I was quite chubby…puppy fat my mum called it. But I never called myself fat. I never felt bad about myself and the way I looked. They always told me that my body is going to change as I grow up and I am beautiful just as I am. They, more importantly, told me that I am a beautiful person.  Your personality is what shines through. Rather than have goals to get a so-called beautiful body, aim to have a beautiful soul.

I want to people to know they are allowed to be happy with themselves. The media are always telling us that there is something wrong with us…from weight to cellulite to stretch marks to big noses. But there is nothing wrong with those things. They are normal. They are what make us who we are.  They are not bad! These are things that are part of being human and being perfectly imperfect.  

You can live a life without insecurities bringing you down. It’s totally possible. I can. I have seen friends around me achieve it. It’s not an instant change. It will take time and it will take the commitment from you. You need to be positive and tell yourself you are amazing every day. Because we are all individually amazing and beautiful.

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