All-American Style

Election Day is November 8th and it is a perfect day to show your patriotism! A great way to show your American pride is to style yourself with the colors and theme of the American flag!

Patriotic Makeup

Go for an all-American makeup look with red, white, and blue eyeshadow! Fakeupwithalexia has a great tutorial for patriotic makeup that is perfect to wear to vote at the polls! With perfect pairing for this eyeshadow look is a bright red lip.

Red, White, and Blue Nails

Nail polish is a great way to accent any look. Stars and stripes will look great on Election Day! Check out this nail tutorial from Julie G below to perfectly paint your nails.  

Election Day Hairstyles

A cute way to show your excitement and spirit is to create a patriotic hairstyle. You can add red, white, and blue ribbons and other hair accessories to amp up your look! JaaackJack has a great tutorial you can watch below.  


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