Celebrities wearing Hillary Clinton Inspired Fashion

Election season is an exciting time and people often get in the spirit of the election by showing their support of a particular candidate. This election many celebrities seem to have been inspired by throwback photos of Hillary Clinton! The Instagram account, @hillarystreetstyle, has a great collection of Hillary fashion look alikes.   

Check out this photo of Hillary in a striped t-shirt dress. Both Diane Kruger and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing similar striped dresses. This is a great casual style to wear out on the town.


This photo features KeKe Palmer and Kelly Osbourne featuring what @hillarystreetstyle calls “nasty nectarine”. This is a bold color that really makes a statement when worn.


This forest green outfit, worn by Kendall Jenner and Elizabeth Olsen, is great for the Fall. This color would be great to incorporate in your wardrobe and would be a great color for an evening gown.   


It’s great to see how style evolves through over time but finds its influences from previous decades. Check out other great Hillary street styles here!

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