Nasty Women: Your New Favorite Lip Balm

This election when Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman,” women have taken on the moniker as a badge of honor. The term went beyond politics and into the territory of gender specific values. Women on social media use “nasty woman” to refer to themselves and embrace the fact they are women.

Long Winter Soap Co. has created a new lip balm called Nasty Woman and has become a best seller. “It was a term we had to own and take it and make it possible to reappropriate it” says Amanda Nelson, the creator of Long Winter Soap Co.


To encourage people to vote this election, if you post a photo of the lip balm and indirect proof of voting, you can be featured on the site if you use the hashtag #nastywomenvote! The lip balm has sold over 8,000 tubes and hopes to have them shipped out by election day!

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