Pineapple leather is real!

It is a sustainable, durable, and cruel free textile made from the fibers of pineapple leaves.


Spanish designer and founder/CEO of Ananas Anam (Pinatex), Carmen Hijosa discovered the Filipinos producing shirts made from woven pineapple leaf fibers. After years of research and testing, Carmen started Pinatex, producing socially conscious alternative to leather. Pinatex leather is as versatile as authentic leather: it can be cut, stitched, colored, and printed.

Pineapple leaves are inedible and the excess is typically thrown out. This new use for the leaves requires no extra water or land. However it has created a new industry and therefore a plethora of job opportunities and income for farmers.

Pinatex is cheaper than leather too. LifeGate declared pinatex leather costs “23 euros per square metre versus 25-38 euros for authentic leather.” Well known companies such as Camper, Auto Interior of London, and Puma are already investing resources to create prototypes. Alternatives like this is bringing a huge wave of change to the fashion industry and will decrease animal cruelty for the coveted leather material.


Pinatex Instagram: Pinatex

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Source: Youtube & Huffington Post

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